Movie Studio Boss: The Sequel Announced!

Welcome - here are just some of the games we've created!

Development is starting on a new range of titles from me! I started making games around the kitchen table back in 80s and now I'm back round the kitchen table (not the same table though) working on some new titles. Some will be old titles revisited, some will be brand new, some will be produced by our small band of creators, some will be co-productions with other studios. Let the fun commence!




Movie Studio Boss Returns!

Back in the late 90s I thought it would be fun to create a game about running a Movie Studio in the style of a soccer management game. This genre is one I know well having worked on Atari ST/Amiga games like Kenny Dalglish Soccer Manager and Gazza's Super Soccer – it's hard to believe that these titles are now over 25 years old!

Jump forward to 2014 and I thought it would be sensible to update some of my old titles. Movie Studio Boss is certainly showing it's age – I'm pretty sure Hollywood doesn't release too many titles on video now! Click here for more info!


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