"Strategy games which grip you in this way are a rare breed indeed, and there's no denying that GPM2 is compulsive stuff" - PC Gamer

"Grand Prix Manager 2 is no breeze and should please the purists with its detail." - PC Gaming World

"Extremely in-depth game" - PC Format

F1 Grand Prix Managers are a rare breed; there are only a dozen top jobs available in the world today. This is your chance to join their ranks.

Grand Prix Manager 2 gives you full 1996 Championship Season Constructors' and Drivers' Championships teams, statistics and figures, and simulates the work of the people employed by teams such as Williams, Benetton, McLaren and Ferrari.

Your job as manager is to get your F1 cars to the world's circuits in top condition with the best drivers, backed by the richest sponsors and most efficient crew. To succeed, you'll need a cool head under pressure combined with technical, negotiating and management skills. But, you'll also need to manage money; a top team can spend $1 million a week and you'll be held responsible for every cent.

* Real team profiles and photos from the 1996 season

* In-game commentary by Stirling Moss OBE

* Ten complete seasons campaign plus five realistic scenarios

* Animated TV-style sequences

* Four-player Network, Multiplayer and Two-player Link modes

* Easy-to-use Windows interface with on-line help

* Fully adjustable car set-ups with timed pit stops

* Research, design, manufacture and full testing procedures including wind tunnel

* Complete race views including 'Helicopter' mode

* Realistic sponsorship, money management and merchandising system

Includes a bonus screensaver.

Become the driving force behind Formula One!