"The ultimate Formula One management sim... for the complete F1 picture this is unsurpassed" - PC Gaming World

"Unlike other racing management games, Grand Prix World really does have an air of believability" - PC Format

Grand Prix World is a detailed team management game, giving you complete control of a Formula One racing team throughout ten championship seasons. The game captures all the sport's excitement and glamour, and accurately depicts all aspects of running a Formula One team, including driver negotiations, team politics, car development, big money sponsor deals, race-day hospitality and, most importantly, the stress of managing the complete race weekend.

* Become a Formula One team boss and use the mass of information that is sent to you, to develop the best career record and take top place in the Grand Prix World 'Hall of Fame'.

* Hire and fire the best engineers, designers and technical partners in the business, and and mediate when faced with conflicting opinions from your staff.

* Negotiate contracts with drivers who will be looking for the best terms and conditions for themselves.

* Take control of all finances, sell shares and allocate budgets to maximise all possible commercial opportunities.

* Use full hospitality functions to attract new sponsorship, and complete multi-year deals, to create 'true' strategic partnerships.

* Manage a car design, testing and improvement process that reflects the real world - including planning, computational fluid dynamic simulation, model building and wind tunnel testing.

* Prepare your cars for circuits that each have unique characteristics for temperature, bumpiness, dirt, grip, etc. all of which will have an effect on car handling.

* View the Grand Prix weekend on four photo-realistic TV monitors, allowing you to watch your own drivers, the TV broadcast and all the race statistics at the same time.

* Put in the ear plugs as you take your place on the pit wall and listen to the screaming sound of twenty two V10 engines!

* Keep up to date with all the news, FIA updates, results and Championship tables.

Grand Prix World. Take control of every aspect of developing and managing a world beating Formula One Racing Team.

What People are Saying

We have received a lot of messages from GPW players around the world. Here are just some of the things that you, the fans, have said about the game.

First of all, a big congratulations to you guys out there for creating GPW. I am now in the middle of my 3rd season and I'm really hooked on it. Well done!

Ich persönlich finde das Game echt toll.

This game is brilliant!

Congratulations for this great game. It keeps me in front of my PC for hours.

I am an avid fan of Grand Prix World and really enjoy playing the game.

I would like to thank you all for the great game GPW is! I bought it right away on release, and I still play it all the time and I think you did a very good job

J'ai dernièrement acheté grand prix world, je le trouve vraiment génial.

Thank you for creating such a challenging and enjoyable game.

Great game, keep up the good work, I mean that.

I am a die-hard fan of GPW and I must truly congratulate u guys for coming up with one of the best games yet! I spend hours playing the game each day without fail.

I'm an Italian Grand Prix World fan, I want to congratulate you and your staff for the great job.

I am a great fan of Grand Prix World and the previous games in the series.

Vor kurzem habe ich mir mit freude das F1-Managerspiel zugelegt! Die Spielgestalltung und der Ablauf sind auch sehr gut und zu meiner völligen Zufriedenheit!!

Compliments for producing a great game!

I've just bought the game Grand Prix World and like it very much.

I've enjoyed playing GPW for a while now, a great game.

Ihr Spiel ist wirklich gut gelungen. Es gefällt mir sehr und ist immer wieder spannend.

I want to say what a brilliant game it is and I hope you release more formula games in the future.

The GPW team wants to thank everyone who has taken the time to write to us!