"PowerHouse delivers... by the barrel. (It) looks to be another impending success!!!" - PC Gamer

"An inventive and intriguing scenario... great presentation... excellent graphics." - PC Format

If you've ever harboured wildcatter, adventurer or tycoon fantasies, step into PowerHouse - our futuristic world of dwindling energy supplies and cut-throat conglomerates.

You and three competitors have carved up the rights to nine vital energy sources. Explore the world either as we know it or with randomised energy deposits. Build cutting-edge power plants, using technologies we have only begun to dream about. Expand this empire to dwarf your competitors and span the globe.

PowerHouse is a breakthrough in Business Simulations. It offers live action video with professional acting, superb graphics and a gripping sci-fi 'could-it-happen-here?' scenario. Not to mention terrific game play depth, balance, and replayability.

The Power Behind The Power Could Be You.